Our vision is to serve, mentor, and encourage people to be followers of Jesus Christ.

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840 Trolley Rd. York Springs, PA 17372

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Worship with us this Sunday at 10:15 am.

Recent Sermons

Is the Bible Reliable?

Hold your Bible in your hands. There is power in these Words. This is God’s Word, living and breathing. It is used to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives, to correct us and teach us to do what is right. We must never forget scripture’s purpose: to equip us to do good work, Christ’s work in the world. It is meant to strengthen our faith and lead us to do good.

Upcoming Events

Bible Study

The Epic Of Eden Bible Study. 10AM and 7PM

Men’s Breakfast

All men are welcome to join at El Rancho Grande at 7am every other Saturday. See Jerry McCauslin for more information.


Join us as we gather at 10:15 am to worship, honor, and grow in our faith.

Pastor’s Blog

The Meaning of Ash Wednesday and Why We Impose Ashes

The practice we use to mark the first day of Lent may seem odd. People go to church mid-week to have a minister place ashes on their foreheads. In the early days of the church, it was even more dramatic. Pastors did not just dip their thumbs into the ashes to draw the shape of a cross on your forehead, but instead poured or sprinkled ashes over your head. Under any other circumstances, most would avoid ashes and dirt. Yet…

Why Join a Church?

Why join a church? You belong here! You are not here by accident. You are important to God. He loves you unconditionally and has a plan for you, and that plan includes being a faithful and active part of a local church. Every follower of Christ is designed to be part of a local church. Throughout the Bible, there is a clearly defined community of God. The New Testament refers to this group of people as the church (ekklesia =…

Pastor’s Note

Church, thank you for your faithfulness through this season of transition. Thank you for being loyal and committed to God and His Church and standing firm on His truth. I am proud of you and honored to be walking this journey with you. I truly believe God is working on something great! After seeing what God has done in a short time through the Global Methodist Church (GMC), I know He is up to something big! And praise the Lord,…

Pastor’s Note

The time has come to transition to the Global Methodist Church. It’s true that we should have never had to go through this, however our world is broken and modern culture is teaching that life and everything in it is more about ourselves than anything or anyone else. As we well know, that’s quite different than Jesus’ teachings. I believe we also have to look at all of this from another angle. God has allowed us as a church to…