Sermons on 2 Timothy

Discerning Our Future – UMC History

The United Methodist Church has come to a crossroads. The issue of homosexuality is problematic in our denomination, but is not why the conflict is happening. The conflict is happening because we can’t agree on what truth is. We’re disagreeing about how to interpret scripture. It goes so much further than homosexuality. Bishops and clergy are questioning who Christ is, teaching that He is not divine, that He was merely a prophet. It just goes from one topic to the next to the next. What truth will we be debating about next?

Ezra’s Impact

As Christians today we need to refuse to allow ourselves to be drawn into compromising with the world’s life-style and instead like Ezra align our lives by obeying God’s commands. We need to also pray and ask God for His guidance. We need to then be willing to study, follow and take action to teach God’s word.