Sermons on Joshua

Jesus, Reset My Heart

Week 1: Jesus, Reset My Heart a fresh start through prayer Core Truth The reset that Jesus offers begins with you and me. When we allow our lives to be reset from sin, cynicism, and self-reliance to faith in Jesus—his grace, his love, his transformation—all the other resets we want and need can and will follow. Welcome to the first installment of our new series, Reset: Jesus Changes Everything, a four-week experience that promises to do just that . .…

YOUnited States of America Part 5 Stones of Remembrance

In a nation that easily forgets, we are to be stones of remembrance, monuments baring witness to the power and the promises of God. We are Living Stones. The challenge is before us. Not to be remembered, but to be stones of remembrance rising past our own achievements and successes, and humbly pointing others to the one true, immortal God.

YOUnited States of America Part #4 Be Strong and Courageous

What if we started to think for ourselves? Do our research. I’m not saying we ignore the information being brought to the table, but instead listening to some else’s fear, instead of just thinking the worst, what if we ask the question we most often avoid, “What does God say? What does God want us to do?”

YOUnited States of America #3 Holy Ground

What if we looked at the ground we live on as holy? What if we walked outside and stopped to appreciate the ground we have been given, the ground we live on and serve on? What if we looked at it as God’s holy ground with a mission, a purpose, a beautiful thing that was given to us for a purpose.