Abide in Me

We were created to live in connection with God, to have a close relationship with Him…daily. The Bible tells us, however, that sin is the greatest deterrent to this life-giving relationship. Sin breaks the connection, and we find ourselves all on our own. An knowing we all sin, it might sound like it’s hopeless to have a daily relationship with God.

But here’s how much God wants to connect with you. God came to earth in human flesh through Jesus, to intervene on our behalf, to offer Himself on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin – all to unite us with Himself once again. God is your creator, He loves you, and He wants you. God wants to be connected to you, and He wants you to connect with Him.

Abide In Me: God Is The Gardener

God knows the areas of our lives that need to be pruned in order to reveal the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes it is something sinful that must be pruned because it is hindering our growth. Other times it may be something good that is getting in the way. But abiding in Christ means embracing the correction that comes from God in order to produce a great spiritual harvest.