Come Alive: A Life-Changing Journey Through Holy Week

we are beginning a mini-series set just for Holy Week called “Come Alive.” Over the next week, we will journey through the events of Holy Week and the idea of what it means to come alive to God’s story of redemption. In other words, to open our eyes to God’s bigger picture, His deeper purpose for all of creation. The question we’ll be asking is, “Because of this redemption story, how should we “come alive”?”

Because let’s be honest, about two thousand years ago, God’s plan of redemption altered the world forever, transforming lives then and every day since. The power of sin and death was broken through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death was literally defeated. True life, spiritual life, God’s life triumphed over everything. Jesus demonstrated this awesome power of the resurrection just so we can discover what it means to come alive.


Palm Sunday: Above and Beyond

Our Holy Week journey will include coming alive to Jesus’ life, His sacrifice, and His power. Today, on Palm Sunday, we look for Jesus and celebrate how in human form, He brings the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.