We’re going to do so by getting back into the Bible by studying the life of one of the best know characters from the Old Testament, one of history’s most famous kings. Today, we are starting a brand-new series called “David.” That’s right, just “David.” We’re keeping it simple. Besides, the name David is a very strong name.

Did you know that the name David means beloved? But at the same time, it is known as a masculine name of Biblical Hebrew origin, as King David is a figure of central importance in the Christian, Judaism, and Islamic religious traditions. So the name has deep Biblical roots.

So what do you think of when you hear the name King David? Humble shepherd. Mighty warrior. Gifted poet. Flawed man. Legendary leader. How about Giant-slayer or Reluctant hero, as we’re going to talk about today. The last one anyone would think could be a hero since he was just a young teenage boy, a young shepherd boy who defeats a giant with a simple slingshot and stone.

David’s story takes place in the 11th century BC in a very, very violent time. In fact, it’s really almost impossible for us to get our minds and our hearts around the kind of world that David lived in, or that anyone lived in ancient times.

Lead Like a Shepherd

David recognized in public that he would be a king under authority. In this moment, he submitted himself to God’s law, not mans, which meant as a leader, he was submitting himself to the people he would rule. This was his way of saying, I am A king, but I am not THE king.