How Not TO Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Have you ever made really bad choices, that lead to really bad habits, that lead to really bad results? Of course, you have. We all have. At some point in all of our lives, none of us want to admit this, we have been our own worst enemy.

Sometimes we have done it up big. Maybe you have sabotaged your own career or finances resulting in great loss, harmed a relationship with a friend or a family member, damaged your marriage, or undermined your own abilities or worth. Maybe you’ve watch others just slowly unravel their lives one step at a time, and think, “I would never do that.” Yet it’s so much easier to see from the outside in, to notice when someone else is doing it. But it takes courage and boldness to actually look in the mirror and notice that you too certainly have the potential to be your very own worst enemy at any time.

The reason I know this about all of you and about me is because everyone of us have participated 100% in all of our bad decisions. In fact, we were the masterminds behind our own bad decisions. A single bad decision is always the first step toward becoming your own worst enemy. It’s not like it happens all at once. It’s a slow unraveling. It starts with small things; one simple decision. Every habit begins with the first time. Every pattern begins with the first line. And every journey begins with a first step.

We all have the potential to become our own worst enemy if we’re not careful. So, in this new series, we’re going to discuss three things you can do to ensure you don’t become your own worst enemy. Three things you can begin doing today that will help ensure that you don’t wreck, ruin or cause whole seasons of your life to be wasted, then wish you could go back and do your 20s or 30s, or first marriage, or first career over again.