Life of Noah

God’s Promise

That last line of the video was “Sometimes all he needs is a willing servant and a piece of wood.” Seeing how the ark and the cross both rescued people from judgment, that seems true. Think about it…both Noah and Jesus were faithful, they were both righteous, and obedient. And both took the task of providing the means for God’s salvation. Noah took on a huge project, using one board at a time, to save his family from the flood.…

Storm of Storms

God does not forget us. We are never abandoned or alone. We can stand confidently on the mountain top like Noah and rejoice that it’s over and something new and so much better is ahead.

The First Step

The first step will always be the hardest. But once you take it, and begin to trust God, it will turn into something beautiful. Be brave. What do you really have to lose?!