Love Reigns

We’re beginning of a powerful sermon series called Love Reigns. Together, for four weeks, we will be discovering all the ways that God’s amazing love transforms our past, present, and future.

Many people underestimate the power of love. But love is the most powerful force on earth, and it moves us to do amazing things. Many men in the room may be able to relate to the kind of things that love drove them to do in order to win the hearts of their girlfriends or wives.

Love is the driving force behind our actions toward our family and our friends. We gladly pay any price in order to demonstrate how much we care for them. Love is powerful, and before there was ever an Easter Sunday and a resurrection, there was a Friday, where there first had to be a death.

Love Reigns Over Our Present

God’s mercy has given us the chance to die to ourselves and come alive in Christ. So be a living sacrifice that no longer conforms to the patterns of this world. The world around us is deceptive, selfish, angry, and foolish. As followers of Jesus Christ, these cannot be the patterns we live by.

Love Reigns Over Our Past

Your past does not define you. You are more than what you’ve done. Your past no longer has the last word and final say over your life. That’s all been covered by the blood of Jesus.

Love Reigns

When we submit to the love of Jesus in our lives, we are compelled to live life like Him and to invite others to join us.