we are starting a new series called “Samson.” Yes, the title is just “Samson.” Like we studied David two months ago, the name says a lot. Some may not know much of his story, but some of you do. So what comes to mind when you think of Samson from the Old Testament? Strength, the cutting of his hair, stubbornness, betrayal, redeemed, or how about chosen?

Many may remember Samson for what he could have been because Samson had tremendous potential. Not many people have started life with credentials like his. Born as a result of God’s plan, Samson was to do great work for God – to rescue Israel from the Philistines. To help him accomplish God’s plan, he was given enormous physical strength.

Yet, as we’ll see, many times he used his God-given gifts and abilities very unwisely. He allowed himself to be controlled by sensuality, confided in the wrong people, and violated God’s laws on many occasions.

Unguarded Strength Becomes a Weakness

Pride has a way of making us believe we’re strong in our own strength. Yet pride is truly a weakness. To overcome the weakness of our will, we need to let God’s Holy Spirit be our strength and not rely on our own self.