The Discipleship Path

We finished up the series “What Christians Believe”. That has now led us into the discussion about a Discipleship Path. What is a Discipleship Path? It’s a path not necessarily taken in a certain order, but it leads us to taking on the characteristics and expectations of Jesus when He said to follow Him.

A disciple is someone who adheres to the teachings of another, making them a follower, a learner. It’s someone who takes up the ways of someone else. A disciple is completely devoted to a teacher. But the relationship goes way beyond just a student or an apprentice. They don’t simply master a trade or a subject, they literally learn to imitate their teacher’s life.

So applied to Jesus Christ, a disciple is someone who learns from Him to live like Him — to take on Jesus’ words and Jesus’ ways.

Defining Your Story

Know your defining story and be ready to share it with others. There are people who need to hear how God moved in you so that they are assured how God can move in them.
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