The Easter Challenge

A 30-day Journey to a Deeper Faith

In this series, we’ll be talking about the evidence of our faith, the need, the truth, the mission, and the journey. Whether you are just being introduced to Jesus or you are a long-time believer, this series is designed to help you take the next step into a deeper faith. And starting today, each week you’ll get a different challenge to do that will help you take that next step.

Part 5: The Journey – Big Changes

Today, we are going to take a look at two of the most recognizable people in the Bible who encountered Jesus and how their journey with Him changed everything for them. My hope is that the stories of these two men just might give you some great insights and hope for your own journey with Jesus.

Part 4: The Mission

If this could be a daily discipline, I believe every single one of us will have scores of stories to tell about how God used us, included us, scared us, and came through for us.

Part 2: The Need for Church Life

During this pandemic, every church has had to figure out how to do “church” in a whole new way. Many pastors overnight, learned how to get online to lead worship services and keep in touch with their members. We’ve had to reach out to those without the internet in more of an old-fashioned way through the mailbox and with phone calls. Thankfully, many of those folks have some favorite pastors they watch on TV each week. It has all certainly…