The Heart of Christmas

The Christmas season is finally upon us. We can see and hear evidence of it all around us. So this morning, we are beginning a new sermon series that will lead us through the four main themes that are at the heart of Christmas: hope, love, joy, and peace. The holiday season, with all the tinsel, trees, gifts, and activities, can easily distract us from what really matters. This morning, we will discover the hope that comes to us through the birth of Jesus Christ. I am sure we could all use a little hope.

Finding Peace in the Heart of Christmas

The angels told the shepherds that peace was available to those on whom God’s favor rests. Jesus basically said the same thing when He stated that peacemakers will be blessed, and they will be called children of God. When we are willing to seek reconciliation with others and fight for harmony rather than division, we’re identified with the heart of God who longs to reconcile the world to Himself. We then look like the Father, and we are recognized as His children.

The Heart of Christmas Is Love

If we have not experienced the grace of God, it’s difficult to offer the grace of God. If we don’t know the compassion of God, it’s difficult to express the compassion of God. But when we recognize the kind of love that God has for us, it becomes the way in which we treat and love others.