Sermons from March 2024

Embracing the Uncertainty of Surrender

Jesus’ surrender and death on the cross is an invitation for you to say “Yes” to Him, for you to surrender, for you to allow Him into your home, into your life, to live for Him because of the great grace He has already given you

Embracing the Uncertainty of Mortality

The promise of new life are not simply things that await us when we die. They are things that live inside us now! That power that lives in us then shapes our hope and thinking. This then changes the way we live and means our lives today can have consequences for eternity, specifically for the ones around us.

Embracing the Uncertainty of Worry

You may be going through struggles so intense right now that it is hard to see through the thick fog of your suffering, but that does not mean God is not here with you. God is at work, moving in ways that you just may not see.